Objectives of the iCor

iCor has the following objectives:

  1. To achieve a competitive, open and dinamic organizational model, patient centered and accesible to the population.

  2. To coordinate and give specialized care to cardiovascular patients in the area, at hospital level and at primary care.

  3. To be center of reference for a comprehensive care of patients with complex cardiovascular diseases (terciary level).

  4. To do research proyects in diagnosis new technologies and cardiovascular treatment.

  5. To obtain extern resources for funding cardiovascular research, both in clinical research and basic research.

  6. To incorporate clinical practice with teaching, and clinical-epidemiological and basic cardiovascular research.

Doing so, the objective of being a Knowdlge Center will be acomplished. The fact of being a modern welfare hospital department of high scientific level is due to being able to incorporate clinical practice, research and teaching in a balance way.