The consortium brings together the principal actors of Catalonia in the field of advanced therapies. ADVANCE(CAT) is not exclusive to its members but is open to collaborations with other entities of Catalonia and abroad, if you would like to know to benefit the potential of ADVANCE(CAT) please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our mission: to consolidate and coordinate the scientific and technological resources to support all projects of cell therapy, gene therapy and tissue engineering and to accelerate the translation to the clinic and/or industrial exploitation.

Our vision: to become a well-known accelerator for research centers, hospitals and biotech companies for advanced therapies.

Regenerative medicine in its most strict terms aims to regenerate tissues or organs for therapeutic purposes. For this purpose, it is necessary to reproduce as much as possible the niche of the different tissues that are intended to be replaced. Extracellular matrix contributes structurally to the niche but is also a source of factors that contribute to maintaining and differentiating cells correctly.

Current decellularization techniques for tissue offer ways to obtain natural extracellular matrix but new artificial production methods allow to create extracellular matrix or scaffolds in the lab. Artificial scaffolds can be generated by 3D printing of biomaterials. These bioprinters work in certain environmental conditions that must be made compatible with the GMP environments if they are to be used for the clinic of certain diseases.

ADVANCE(CAT) intends to develop new artificial tissue production systems by combining both natural and artificial scaffolds with cells.