Adipoplast (Thematic network on adipose plasticity and its pathologies) is a network of excellence in adipose tissue research funded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. It is currently in its second biennium of activity (Adipoplast plus, 2018-2019) and consists of 10 research groups in Spain belonging to Universities, Research Centers and Hospitals.

The network aims to coordinate the research work of experts of excellence in our country, highly complementary in terms of their experience in different levels of scientific research, and that have their common objective around the pathophysiology of adipose tissue in relation to diseases (obesity, lipodystrophies), therapeutic use (autologous transplants of adipose tissue, use of adipose tissue stem cells for therapeutic purposes) or technology (control of adiposity in livestock development). The cooperative research that is currently taking place between the groups deals with several thematic axes (identification of new factors controlling the browning of adipose tissue, involvement of alterations of adipose plasticity in aging, interaction of the immune system / adipose plasticity. All this, as a fully holistic approach, will result in a qualitative advance in the understanding of the pathophysiology of adipose tissue and its health implications.