Cadiac Surgery Department: Procedures

  • Coronary surgery with extracorporeal circulation (ECC)
  • Coronary surgery without ECC
  • Restorative ventricular reconstruction surgery
  • Valve replacement surgery: mechanical, biological valves, with or without support (stentless) and without suture (sutureless)
  • Mitral valve repair surgery
  • Reparative aortic valve surgery
  • Aortic surgery, including acute aortic syndrome
  • Procedure of Ross (pulmonary autoempelt with pulmonary homoempelt) to the adult
  • Reinterventions
  • Surgery of congenital heart disease of the adult
  • Surgery of mechanical complications of acute myocardial infarction: postinfarto mitral insufficiency, postinfarto interventricular communication (CIVPI) and postinfarto cardiac rupture
  • Pericardial and miscellany pathology: tumors, iatrogenic mechanical complications and cardiac traumas, epicàrdical pacemakers, electrode extraction, post-surgical complications of the thoracic wall, heart plugs and others
  • Minimally aggressive valve surgery for incisions of low aggression: miniesternotomies and thoracotomies
  • Ventricular assistance
  • Percutaneous valvular replacement program, in support of the Cardiology Service (Unit of Hemodynamics and Interventional Cardiology) in the transfemoral and surgery venue for valve replacement via transaórtica without extracorporeal circulation
  • Ultra fast-track program, that is, early extubation and rapid recovery